An Arctic Blast Is Coming With Temps Expected to Break 170 U.S. Records

For a large part of the country, the radiators are now alive and kicking. They know something is coming. Each radiator is informing us of winter's approach in its own special, disruptive way. That incessant clanging? It translates to "there will be an arctic blast coming through central and eastern US from this Sunday to Tuesday." The hissing like the jaw-clenched expletive that follows a toe stub? Your steel whistleblower's saying, "forecasters are predicting 170 record-breaking temperatures from Monday to Wednesday."

And the radiators are right. Listen and respect them, because they get their information directly from the National Weather Service. According to The Weather Channel, a cold front will blow its blustery kisses through the northern Plains and Upper Midwest on Sunday, them shimmy over to the southern Plains and Ohio Valley on Monday.

Then, on Tuesday, your radiators will scream in a desperate chorus. The Northeast, Ohio Valley, and portions of the South could see record-breaking cold. The Florida Panhandle's palm trees may quiver in the chilling, low 30s embrace. Ditto for regions along the Gulf Coast. 

According to AccuWeather, storms will be a-brewin' over central US, and potentially over eastern and southern parts of the country. This means there could be major ice problems where next week's warmth meets the tail-end of the cold front, per the report. The northern Plains, though... Let's just say the radiators didn't even want to tell you about this one. Temperatures are predicted to fall below zero. 

May this teach as an important lesson: Don't fix your wacky radiator, and listen to your inanimate objects in times of crisis.

h/tYahoo! News/USA Today

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.