You Can Grab Arizona Iced Tea Shoes From Adidas

Let everyone know about your favorite drink by putting it on your feet.

arizona iced tea adidas sneakers
Photo courtesy of AriZona Iced Tea

The looks are strikingly similar, but these shoes are not available for 99 cents. 

AriZona Iced Tea is coming for your feet, again. The company with the big cans is collaborating with Adidas on new sneakers that are inspired by the bodega staple. Adidas and AriZona collaborated once previously, back in 2019, but this time you're getting some new designs and a little more availability. The release includes four different versions of the iced tea-inspired kicks, with one sporting its instantly-recognizable cherry-blossoms-on-green design.

arizona iced tea adidas sneakers
Photo courtesy of AriZona Iced Tea

On top of the look being inspired by the cans, the shoes have the "Have an Iced Day" slogan emblazoned on the sole and a secret addition that you probably won't use for its intended purpose, but is clever nonetheless. Each sneaker has a cherry blossom-laced pouch that is intended to hold a dollar bill so you can tuck away just enough to go grab a can at the corner. 

You're probably going to have to move fast to get your hands on these. They'll become available on February 4 for $100 at If you manage to get your hands on them, the people at the bodega are going to be very impressed when you buy a can while wearing these shoes. 

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