Student's Love of Mayo Gets Way Out of Hand

Published On 03/07/2017 Published On 03/07/2017
Arizona State curtain of distraction mayo
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The world is full of delightful weirdos. For instance, there's Mayo Boy, a young man who is a big fan of Arizona State basketball and using mayonnaise in an unexpected fashion. It's surprising, weird, definitely gross, and totally delightful.

Arizona State's famous Curtain of Distraction is set up to distract opposing players as they take free throws. It's featured outright strange occurrences. Last season, it facilitated an intense makeout session between two unicornsIt's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Charlie Day jumped out from behind it dressed as a green man. Olympian Michael Phelps leaped out in a Speedo. Mission accomplished. It was all quite distracting. 

So, Mayo Boy isn't the only surprising thing to appear from behind the Curtain of Distraction. But he might be the weirdest. Saturday night, Mayo Boy stepped from behind the curtain, ate a huge spoonful of mayo and then slathered the debatably delicious condiment across his chest. The guy simply loved mayo so much he had to mayodel it from the mountaintops (or a televised basketball game, which is basically the modern equivalent). 

As distracting as you may find this, it didn't work. Arizona's Allonzo Trier went two-for-two during the mayogasm and Arizona went on to win the game.

Yet, Mayo Boy went on to win the hearts of tens of thousands,  in part because they didn't have to walk back to the dorms with a man who smelled like a sweaty bodega sandwich. (Because it was definitely mayo. Lots of stores sell mayo in gigantic containers with no label and "mayo" written in marker across the front. Couldn't have been anything else. Right? Right!?)

h/t SB Nation

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