'Mad Pooper' Copycat Is Pooping on Lawns All Over Arkansas Neighborhood

It was just months ago a rogue runner with the runs stole headlines by pooping in the lawns of their Colorado Springs neighbors. The "Mad Pooper" has inspired a copycat in Little Rock, Arkansas. Residents of the Hillcrest neighborhood are calling their scat man the "Shit Bandit."

Tiffany Mattzela is one of those residents and she told Arkansas's FOX16 she's called the cops after catching the Bandit dropping droppings in her driveway. One morning she found the deed next to her car, and, assuming it had to have been left by Clifford the Big Red Dog, she and her husband checked the security footage and discovered the Bandit. 

"It was a person who had been jogging down the street, ran up between our two cars, defecated, and ran away," she told FOX16.

Just days later she found her car door handle full of the Bandit's makeshift toilet paper and once again caught him in the act on the family's security cameras. "It was vile," Mattzela said.

She took to an online neighborhood group to warn neighbors of the foul exercise taking place. Unsurprisingly, her neighbors had faced the Bandit's defecating defacements as well. Little Rock Police have confirmed with FOX that they're on the case. The Shit Bandit is undoubtedly their number two priority. 

h/t Vice

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