Armored Truck's Door Flies Open, Creates 'Cash Storm' on Atlanta Highway

It's easy to settle into autopilot mode during your daily commute, especially if it requires sitting in bumper to bumper traffic...


It's easy to settle into autopilot mode during your daily commute, especially if it requires sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. All it takes is a sudden cloud of cash to jolt you of it, though, like the scene drivers found themselves in when an armored truck's door flew open and created a "cash storm" along an Atlanta highway. 

Folks traveling down Interstate 285 in Atlanta on Tuesday evening were treated to quite a surprise, when an armored truck in the westbound lane had a mishap with one of its doors and accidentally let a cloud of cash fly out onto the roadway, according to a report from the Atlanta Journal Constitution. As you might imagine, that sort of sudden flood of bills created quite a commotion as passersby quickly realized what all the paper fluttering through the air was and pulled over in hopes of scooping as much of it as possible. 

A passing driver posted a video of the chaos to Reddit, showing more than 10 cars pulled over and small groups of people trying to gather the flying cash. 

"I saw a bunch of paper floating around in the road and everybody pulling over on the shoulder, and as I got closer I noticed it was all just cash," on driver told the local WSB radio station.

By the time the police showed up, all the bill-grabbers had dispersed, but authorities are asking for all the money from the unexpected "cash storm" to be returned. Those who keep it could be charged with theft of lost or mislaid property under Georgia law, per to the AJC. Investigators are allegedly looking at videos of the incident posted to social media in hopes of identifying the license plates on the vehicles that pulled over.

It's unclear exactly what caused the truck's door to swing open, but it seems like wonky doors on armored vehicles is a real issue, considering they've caused several otheraccidental cash spills in the past. The GardaWorld crew that were in the truck estimates that upwards of $100,000 fell off. Officers were reportedly only able to gather about $200 from the scene. 

Anyone who collected some of the cash is being asked to return it to Dunwoody Police Station. The cops assure that no one will be charged or arrested for returning it. Then again, it's tough to believe a bunch the cash hasn't already been spent.


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