Arnold Schwarzenegger Burned Nickelback On Twitter, and Nickelback Burned Back

Published On 02/16/2017 Published On 02/16/2017

After storming the alternative rock scene in the crux of its miserable, dying days, Nickelback quickly became the music world's collective whipping boy. (Consensus: They suck). Since his stint as California governor ended, Arnold Schwarzenegger has managed to stay relevant by riding President Donald Trump’s coattails into the studios of NBC, where he’s the new host of The Celebrity Apprentice.

These polar opposites collided Tuesday on Twitter, when Schwarzenegger used the band’s lack of popularity to illustrate a point about gerrymandering. Then it got heated:

As The Daily Dot points out, Nickelback used the Governator's own filmography to parry his remarks. The “Batman & Robin” dig referenced the 1997 film of the same name, which saw Schwarzenegger play the villain Mr. Freeze. The movie was a largely derided commercial failure.

For his part, the former Mr. Olympia deflected the beef like someone who’s mastered the dark art of politics.

Nickelback was cool about the incident, which was probably less insulting than getting pelted with garbage while playing a show. After all, Nickelback is no stranger to being the butt of countless jokes.  

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