Dude Sues Ashley Madison for Lying About Number of Women on Site

Published On 11/02/2015 Published On 11/02/2015

Spoiler alert: the busty, horny women in your area waiting to "have a good time" are not real. And after the recent leak of subscribers to Ashley Madison, the online cheating meat market, one man was so incensed by the the real number of women on the site that he's suing for a cool $5 million. Yes, $5 million, because he feels lied to. On a cheaters' website. Lied to. Cheaters. Sigh.

According to reports, the site advertised a healthy male-to-female ratio in order to woo men into creating accounts. But, like any high school party that promised the same, turns out the place was a sausagefest. Which is weird, because don't you have to be 21 to purchase bratwurst?

Pissed off user David Poyet is claiming despite advertisements of ample women, Ashley Madison had only 15% female users, which means it was slim pickings for men trying to cheat properly on their wives. He also claims that an army of about 70,000 "fembots" communicated with male users over 20 million times, making these poor male "victims" think they were attracting needy potential cheatmates, when in fact, they were just chatting up machines. Somewhere, Joey Greco is thinking about how to confront a robot.

Unlike the many users suing the site because of their leaked personal information, Poyet is just feeling cheated by false advertising and looking for financial compensation. And you've got to respect that. Or, at least appreciate the irony.

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