Man Spotted Waiting for Plane in Full, Authentic Suit of Armor

Erickson Stock/shutterstock
Erickson Stock/shutterstock

If you pay attention on international flights, you'll notice there aren't a ton of Europeans wearing yoga pants. That's because in most parts of Europe it's not as acceptable to dress like you're walking from your apartment to a bodega, whereas in America, sporting casualwear is kinda chic. But one man at Atlanta airport challenged everything we know about airport culture last week, when he wore a full, authentic suit of armor to the Atlanta airport. 

The news comes just in time for Halloween, but the incident happened on October 17. According to Express UK, Travelers at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport saw a man wearing a suit that included armor, chainmail, medallions, and a helmet. He appeared in his 60s and, as you can see in the photograph, he was behaving as any normal passenger would; he sat slumped in his terminal chair, potentially weighing snack options. 

A TSA spokesperson said it's likely the man packed his armor instead of wearing it through security, because it isn't likely he'd be allowed to wear it through the checkpoint, according to the report. As you can see by the TSA instagram, those employees see stranger things than a man ready to storm a castle. Plus, another TSA spokesperson seemed to know that there had been a DragonCon convention in Atlanta that weekend. 

We hope he at least gave his armrest up on the plan, because nobody wants to feel like their arm-against-arm at the front lines of battle while they're battling the unavoidable anxiety of takeoff

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.