This Company Will Mail You a Free Bag of Coffee Beans for National Coffee Day

Get coffee beans sent right to your door.

coffee subscription national coffee day
Courtesy of Atlas Coffee Club

There are a ton of cups crossing counters for free on National Coffee Day. What you'll find with less frequency is a bag of coffee beans coming over on the house. 

The reasons you're getting a cup and not beans to make a pot of your own are obvious. However, if you're looking for beans on September 29, you can still find some excellent deals to improve the coffee situation at home, which may also be your work and school for the moment. Atlas Coffee Club, a coffee bean subscription service, is offering your first bag for free. You just have to cover the shipping. 

The club ships you a bag of single-origin beans from a different location every month. Aside from the beans and pleasing design of the whole box, you'll get a postcard and some information on the source of your beans, as well as tasting notes. With all the details that accompany your coffee, it makes sense that Atlas calls itself as a "coffee tour guide." Under more normal times, it's maybe a little easier to dismiss that as marketing speak. Right now, you might actually enjoy a mental trip away from wherever you are. 

Courtesy of Atlas Coffee Club

Though, Atlas is definitely not the only company offering deals on whole beans for National Coffee Day. Nonetheless, the beans are good and getting your first bag for free is alluring. The subscription is also customizable. You can order based on your roast preference, whether you want whole or ground beans, and how much you want to get every two or four weeks (half bag, one bag, or two bags). 

You can snag one free 12-ounce bag per household when you place an order on September 28 or 29 with the code "AtlasCoffeeDay20." Everything is coming up you on National Coffee Day. 

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