Auntie Anne's and Sam Adams Made a Beer and Pretzel Kit for Your At-Home Oktoberfest

Two American brands are taking us to Munich.

Courtesy of Anne and Sam
Courtesy of Auntie Anne's

Contrary to Normal Life logic, COVID-19 restrictions make it a lot easier to attend Oktoberfest on a budget. Since the actual festival is canceled, your four person beer and pretzel celebration has a shot at being the greatest, safest gathering of lederhosen in the land. 

And now, Auntie Anne’s and Samuel Adams -- in the style ofTaco Bell on Cinco de Mayo-- have partnered to create a kit of familiar party flavors that completely eliminates the only remaining step required for this celebration. On September 14, the companies announced a limited-edition "Oktoberfest At Home Kit," which has all the things a person doing the most possible would buy in Munich. You can order the kit to your home, which includes: 

  • an Auntie Anne’s DIY Pretzel Kit 
  • a six-pack of Samuel Adams OktoberFest (traditional märzen)
  • four hats
  • four koozies
  • four lederhosen
  • two steins 
  • a “Prost from Home” playlist of "authentic tunes"

“Pretzels and beer are at the core of any Oktoberfest celebration, so who better to help us elevate this moment than Auntie Anne’s?" said Lesya Lysyj, Chief Marketing Officer of Sam Adam's brewer Boston Beer Company, in a press release. "We’ve joined forces to offer drinkers a one-stop solution to celebrate this year’s Oktoberfest from home with the help of two brands they know and love.”

Courtesy of Anne and Sam
Courtesy of Auntie Anne's

What this corporate-curated kit lacks in German authenticity it makes up for in charming ridiculousness, and charming ridiculousness is exactly the ethos of a modern-day Oktoberfest. That means the Germans would likely approve, or else not care what the Americans are doing for the festival, as usual.

"Since this historic celebration was cancelled in Germany and so many Oktoberfest celebrations are being held virtually in the states, we knew we needed to step in and offer a fun way for snackers and drinkers to still create an authentic experience at home," said said Marcel Nahm, Auntie Anne’s VP of Marketing. 

The kits are available starting September 14 on this website, but you can't have them sent to Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Hawaii, Mississippi, or Utah. The kit costs around $90, which sounds like a lot, and kind of is, but... authentic tunes and lederhosen! 

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