You Can Buy an Entire Australian Island for Less Than $700,000

It even includes two homes and a pool! In 2023, that's a bargain.

A privately owned island in Australia has just been put on the market, and compared to the cost of other islands for sale around the world, it seems like a pretty decent deal.

Poole Island was recently listed for $995,000 AUD, which is just $667,769 USD. The island is off the coast of Queensland, and is about 21 hectares in size.

The island isn't just barren land either. There is one home built looking out over the Coral Sea, and another older home on the island built in the 19th century, according to The Guardian. The listing for the island states that in addition to the two homes, there is also a pool, a 700-foot runway, and its own slipway. What more could you need?

"The island is surrounded by coral and has the bluest water surrounding it. There is fishing abound and has its own slipway and shed," the listing states. "There is a further stone shed that houses the various machinery including tractors and slashers. There is some maintenance to be done on the old building, however the large home is ready to move in."

I'll say it: This is remarkably affordable if you compare it to the one-bedroom condos in Jersey City I'm looking at that run at around the same price. But instead of paying a mortgage on 800 square feet for the rest of my life, I could become the owner of my very own island home, complete with a pool. It's worth considering.

Below is a video tour of the island:

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