Avocado Toast Pizza Exists Now, Because It Was Inevitable

avocado toast pizza
Kola House/Steve Martinek

Here's hoping everyone has taken their Dramamine because a swoon is coming. Avocado toast pizza is a thing. That's right. Put your plans for grad school on hold. Forget about owning a home. The Take-My-Money train to Hooverville has arrived and your cabin is ready. 

New York's Kola House has debuted this chummy cousin to avocado toast on its new spring menu. It's an avocado pizza with taco truck tendencies. It comes with onion, a cilantro salsa (cilantro, onion, serrano, lemon juice), a garnish of radishes and sunflower seeds, as well as a Vespa's worth of avocados. The crust is a special blend of Persian pita and French baguette, merging chef Jon Feshan's Persian and French background. 

Even better for broke avo-enthusiasts choosing between iPhones and health care, the vegan pizza comes with a totally reasonable $18 price tag.

Here's the catch, because of course there's a catch. Chef Feshan is only making 12 of these dreamboats every night at the Meatpacking District restaurant. It's first-come, first served. So, call in sick to work and get in line. It opens at 5:30 p.m. every day but Sundays. 

If you're not in NYC, don't worry. Kola isn't the only place in the nation serving up America's trendiest breakfast for dinner. Jean-Georges Vongerichten's  L.A. restaurant Jean-Georges Beverly Hills, for instance, is serving up avocado toast pizza as well. 

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