You Can Get a Latte in an Avocado Now Because Nothing Makes Sense


The answer is in for anyone who routinely mutters, What will they think of next? Avolattes. It's a latte in an avocado and that cracking noise is either the sound of a knife hitting an avocado pit or the world splitting open to swallow you whole. 

What's its purpose? Maybe it tastes good. Maybe the dishwasher took the day off. Maybe it's the creation of a feisty barista who wants to see you burn your hand. More likely, someone just wants to watch the world burn. (That seems likely since they passed up the name javacado.)

The culinary mashup has popped up at Melbourne, Australia's Truman Cafe, as well as a cafe in Turkey. But with avocado so popular that there are entire restaurants devoted to the green much, the avolatte will land in the United States before long. Brooklyn's Avocaderia has to start serving this. Right?

Naturally, the avolatte has induced strong reactions from people who just want an avocado to be an avocado. 

Even institutions have had to chime in with their disapproval.

There are many questions that need to be asked. The most important might be whether or not this is just coffee served in refuse. Is this just the skin from someone else's breakfast? On second thought, you're probably best off not asking.

h/t The Independent

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