A&W Has a New, High-End Clothing Line Called 'Cheddar Weather'

It's here just in time for fall!

Courtesy of A&W

For most, fall fashion requires layers, and brands are always happy to drop new digs to keep you warmer during the seasonal change. But we don't always expect fast food brands to do the same, let alone have high fashion fall collections. Fast food brands having merch isn't new by any means, but now, A&W is jumping in the ring with their own elevated take. 

The California brand, known for its burgers and root beer, just dropped Cheddar Weather, a high-end collection of apparel and accessories. The 102-year-old franchise is rolling out the collection to celebrate the "real star of the season," the A&W Cheese Curds made from 100% Wisconsin White Cheddar Cheese.

Courtesy of A&W

The Cheddar Weather collection includes letterman jackets and patches, hand-painted Thorogood boots, fanny packs, hats, t-shirts, scarves, and more. The items are custom merch in A&W's signature brown, orange, and cream white color scape. Coincidentally, these are the same fall colors we all know and love. The collection was unveiled in an editorial shoot with fashion models and cheese curds on a dairy farm.

And if you missed the fact that these items are of higher quality, the price tags will alert you. Items range from the least expensive $25 baseball tee to the most expensive $715 Thorogood boots. If you want to get in on the Cheddar Weather collection, you can find products on the Cheddar Weather website.

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