We Do Not Recommend Putting Baby Powder in Your Loved One's Blow-Dryer

What's the value of pranks? They're not constructive. They engender injury and general hijinks. They'll forever carry a whiff of Ashton Kutcher about them. Well, the value is this: When you can forget about Ashton Kutcher, they make for diverting clips on the internet.

Like the video above, which will serve as a minute-long distraction from whatever task you're completing that could meaningfully contribute to your life in some way. In it, a man fills his girlfriend's blow-dryer with baby powder while she's in the shower. This, you see, is the prank.

As you can imagine, upon leaving the shower she unwittingly treats herself to a blizzard of astringent powder, cries out in surprise, and her boyfriend laughs and laughs and laughs. Then the clip ends. We don't see the conversation after, a conversation that could've got a lot of ways.

She seems to have taken it in stride, however, and explained to Viral Hog, "My boyfriend pranks me all the time." 

Still, we do not recommend doing this.

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