There's a New Baby Yoda Meme Taking Over Twitter

baby yoda soup meme

He might not be why you're turning the show on, but there's no doubt that baby Yoda is a scene-stealer in The Mandalorian. You don't even have to know what species he is to know that one baby Yoda is worth more than an entire flock of Porgs. (At least, in internet currency.)

If you aren't watching the show and are wondering why you keep seeing a cute little baby Yoda on social media, there it is. The adolescent version of your favorite geriatric Jedi is part of the show, and people seem unable to cope with how charming he is. The newest baby Yoda meme comes from the November 29 episode with the tiny, robed future Jedi master was sipping soup. This little act of hunger has turned into a big meme.

The teensy green dude sipping soup might even be a meme so strong with the force that it replaces a bigger green dude sipping tea as a go-to meme. 

Whether or not Yoda and soup is a replacement for Kermit and tea, the memes are strong with this one. Here's a taste of the best Twitter had to offer.

The meme has also led to some serious revelations. 

If baby Yoda has you craving a full-on Star Wars binge, you can get paid to do that, unlike the li'l Yoda who turned down a big sponsorship opportunity with Chef Boyardee for this meme.

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Dustin Nelson is a Senior Staff Writer at Thrillist. Follow him @dlukenelson.