Truck Carrying Bacon & Ribs Catches Fire, Turns Highway into Giant BBQ

A small stretch of a busy Maryland highway was transformed into a massive BBQ of sorts, when a truck hauling countless pounds of bacon and ribs caught fire and filled the roadway with the intoxicating aroma of pork. Seriously.

As explained in a report by the Cumberland Times-News, eastbound traffic on Interstate 68 in Cumberland, MD, was completely shut down from 6pm to midnight on Monday after a tractor-trailer filled with bacon, ribs, and other pork foodstuffs caught fire and burned for hours. Drivers in the westbound traffic, however, faced delays but were also treated to all delicious bacon smells that spread to surrounding areas.

The report makes no mention of how much bacon and other delicious pork products were destroyed in the fire, but it's probably safe to just call it whole damn truckload. Unfortunately, nobody thought to call in an egg truck or a BBQ sauce tanker. On the bright side, nobody was injured, but officials said a fire hose was irreparably damaged by all the sizzling bacon grease. 

The unfortunate bacon fire is just the latest of several tragic incidents involving trucks hauling delicious food in recent months, including a collision involving deli meat and bread trucks, an accident that showered a highway with beer, and a crash that turned a Florida highway into a soggy mess of potato chips and beer. With a diet like that, it's no wonder our nation's highways are crumbling. Or something like that. 

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and is pretty sad about all the wasted pork products. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.
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