NPR Is Telling Truly Awful Dad Jokes for Father's Day

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It's Father's Day. That means brunch with family (probably gift bags full of golf balls and bad ties as well). For many long-suffering people, that family meal will be punctuated by terrible dad jokes. For Father's Day, NPR is celebrating the dad joke with a look at why it exists and, of course, a deluge of groan-worthy examples on Twitter.

Some of you may have been mercifully spared a life filled with dad jokes, so an example may be necessary. Say you go that Father's Day brunch. You enter the restaurant, and the host asks if you have reservations. A purveyor of dad jokes would inevitably respond, "Yes, but we're going to eat here anyway."

Among the discussion of how dad jokes are disarming, a form of play with kids, and, for some, a way to reshape masculinity, is a tip of the hat to former President Barack Obama's penchant for dad jokes. His dad jokes were at work during his final presidential pardon of a turkey when he said, "I've established another tradition: Embarrassing my daughters with a corny-copia of dad jokes about turkeys."

Obama also makes the same dad joke at every dinner party, according to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. "I hope you enjoy dinner, I’ve been cooking all day," Obama says.

That makes him seem like the kind of guy who'd tell you he had a dream last night that he was a muffler. He woke up exhausted. 

While dad jokes are kind of great, they're also devastatingly terrible. Just ask the kids in this PSA from Nickelodeon Australia. 

They've probably learned the hard way that you can't hear a psychologist go to the bathroom because the "p" is silent. 


NPR highlights many reasons dad jokes are good, from the humor to the role they play in relationships. Take a look at the article and enjoy the cascade of bad dad jokes they're sharing on Twitter. 

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