Watch Mark Zuckerberg Get Grilled in This Ridiculous 'Bad Lip Reading' Video

Earlier this month, Mark Zuckerberg testified before congress over Facebook's mishandling of user data pertaining to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. In reality, it was a painful thing to watch, but the steady avalanche of memes and jokes that kept pouring out of Twitter kept the mood light in an otherwise grim time. 

While the memes have lived on as shining examples of our dystopian present, Bad Lip Reading doesn't want the world to forget about the Zuckerberg hearing, which is why it decided to overdub the entire thing. During the hearing, lawmakers proved they don't know much of anything about the internet -- aka the industry they're trying to regulate -- and Zuckerberg proved his likeness to Data from Star Trek. He also drank tons of water and had bangs

The video hits the nail on the head as far as mockery is concerned, with one of the old congressional dotards asking Zuckerberg: "When I have the Facebook, do I also have the internet?"

Ted Cruz, who in reality pressed Zuckerberg on Facebook's alleged suppression of conservative free speech, asks the CEO if they can be friends. Zuck replies: "Don't try to get in my Porsche again." 

There's also tons of wheezing, a weird question about WWI and an awkward musical performance from Senator Lindsey Graham. 

It's almost identical to the real thing. 

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