This 'Bad Lip Reading' of the NFL Is as Good as Any Super Bowl Commercial

During Sunday's Super Bowl you'll see close-ups of players on the sidelines. They're celebrating, walking through plays, and sometimes yelling at each other. The broadcast would be greatly enhanced by getting to spy on them, having the opportunity to hear what Tom Brady is saying to Danny Amendola between plays. 

Bad Lip Reading is letting you do that. Kind of. Well, not at all, actually. But their imaginary sidelines banter might be even better than what you'd hear if you were there. In fact, this is just as good as any Super Bowl commercial. (That includes some of the best Super Bowl commercials released in advance of the game, like the final "Dilly Dilly" ad in that trilogy and the Alexa commercial with Gordon Ramsay.)

The new Bad Lip Reading has appearances from the NFL's biggest stars, including Super Bowl LLII's starting quarterbacks. It's all funny, but we need an entire video made out of the talking heads from when players say what school they went to at the start of the game. More of that, please.

This isn't the first time Bad Lip Reading has taken a swipe at the NFL. It seems to have become an annual thing, and it should definitely stay that way. 

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