Hilarious New 'Bad Lip Reading' Turns Debate Into a Game Show

The first presidential debate came and went in a flurry of bickering. You've probably pushed it out of your mind as best you can, knowing that it's going to happen again. But now "Bad Lip Reading" is giving a legitimate reason to revisit that first contest. They've voiced over the first presidential debate like they've done for many other major debates and moments during the 2016 presidential election.

However, this installment of "Bad Lip Reading" isn't just the usual spiel. They've given this one some extra love, taking it beyond standard marathon of non-sequiturs and mush-mouthed madness. The creators have turned the debate into a game show called "Debate Night" featuring games like "I Can Do This" and "Five Favorites," in which Trump reveals his favorite actor is William Shatner. Which, though it's entirely made-up, feels true for some reason. 

The candidates sing, dance, and make awkward bird noises as they play games designed by host Lester Holt, who eventually cuts the game show short because he wants to finish his salad before the dentist appointment he forgot about.

Watch the new installment of "Bad Lip Reading" above and check out other election-themed editions here, here, here, and here.

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