Bali Is Reopening to All Travelers This February

The country welcomed just 45 international visitors in all of 2021.

Andrey Danilovich/E+/Getty Images
Andrey Danilovich/E+/Getty Images

A few months back, Bali reopened but only to a select group of countries, including China, New Zealand, and Japan. Now, the tropical hotspot is welcoming back visitors from across the globe.

On February 4, Indonesia will open Bali for international travelers, Reuters reports. Previously, US citizens were only permitted entry with a valid residence permit or specific visa, according to the US Embassy & Consulates in Indonesia. Vaccinated visitors will still be required to abide by quarantine rules, which mandate a five- to seven-day isolation period upon arrival.  

Even though Bali allowed specific visitors beginning in mid-October, direct flights were limited and made the destination less accessible to the masses. In the wake of its broader reopening, Singapore Airlines has already announced plans to resume flights on February 16.

This isn't just good news for vacation-thirsty travelers either. The country relies heavily on its tourism industry. In fact, per Reuters, it typically makes up 54% of the economy. And while in 2019, Bali drew 6.2 million foreign visitors, according to CNN, that number has dwindled significantly throughout the pandemic and as the result of subsequent restrictions. 

In 2020, the country saw 1.05 million international arrivals, which was likely before the onset of COVID-19, while 2021 reported just 45 visitors in total.

"That is the lowest number of foreign tourist visits we've ever recorded," section head of tourism for Bali Province Nyoman Gede Gunadika told the outlet.

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.