Barack Obama Is a Fully Playable 'NBA 2K17' Character

Published On 02/15/2017 Published On 02/15/2017

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to many Barack Obama fans out there, but the man can navigate the bureaucratic rigors of government and also take your ass to the hole. Since retiring, the nation’s 44th president has been kite-surfing with billionaire Richard Branson, but he’s also making inroads in a different arena, throwing down emphatic tomahawk dunks in NBA 2K17.

Using the game’s custom career mode, YouTuber NykeFaller created an Obama-character that strikes an eerie resemblance to the former commander-in-chief. He dunks, he crosses over, he drives ferociously to the rim and humiliates Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony. And oh yes, he dabs. (He's already perfected the mic drop, so why wouldn't Obama dab?)

So if you miss Obama, look out for him in this year's NBA All-Star contest. 

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