The Ultimate Barbiecore Detox Travel Guide

If you need to unplug from pink, these are the vacation spots for you.

If you have seen and loved Barbie pink but are so sick of rosy hues that even Pepto Bismol hurts your stomach, it may be time to take a vacation from the Dreamhouse hues that have dominated pop culture, travel, and everything in between for the last three months. It has been exactly one month since the theatrical release of Barbie, enough time that those of us who maybe feel worn out by the bright colors, poppy sounds, and bustling doll vibes deserve a vacation from such things.

Even though it does feel like we truly live in a Barbie world, there are corners of the world that haven't yet caved into a life that's plastic. Seeking out the dark, the moody, the austere counter to all things bubbly, Thrillist has identified the hotels and a packing list that can help you get all of the pink out of your system. A sort of aesthetic juice cleanse, if you will. A vibe refresh.

To get started, here are the hotels that offer a timeless and trendless reprieve for your next journey. Dive in for domestic and international destination options.

The Domestic Barbie Detox Destinations

A Marram Montauk hotel room with views of the ocean.
Courtesy of Marram

Marram Montauk
Montauk, New York
The Malibu Dreamhouse isn't the only option when it comes to seaside stays. The Marram in Montauk is all neutrals and clean lines where other escapes might skew more colorful and busy. The 96-room resort describes itself as "an innate and intimate sense of place that evokes the spirit of its natural, untouched landscape." Everything at this hotel is understated but also plenty luxurious. Rooms start at $295 per night. 

The Brutalist exterior of Hotel Marcel in Connecticut.
Courtesy of Hotel Marcel

Hotel Marcel
New Haven, Connecticut
Hotel Marcel is an absolute gem located in New Haven. "Beneath our Brutalist exterior we're a utopian feat of sustainable engineering using solar electricity to power our entire building," the hotel describes itself. The Bauhaus building, from Hungarian-born architect Marcel Breuer, also features minimalist rooms. The concrete building is now featured on the National Register of Historic Places. Rooms start at $214 per night. 

The lobby of the Hotel Grand Stark
Courtesy of Hotel Grand Stark

Hotel Grand Stark
Portland, Oregon
Located in Central Eastside in Portland, this hotel offers 57 rooms and a spirit of imperfect perfection. Grand Stark describes itself as an "elevated reflection of the creative movements and quirky spirit of Portland, and beyond." Even with all of its odd touches, there's still plenty of simple lines and soothing colors. Rooms start at $150 per night. 

An intimate cocktail bar housed in a converted 19th century carriage house with leather-clad walls and grand ceilings.
Courtesy of The Maker

The Maker
Hudson, New York
Located in the upstate valley town of Hudson, New York, The Maker is as moody and design-forward as its surroundings are picturesque. There are only 11 rooms on the property, and each was designed in partnership with Hudson locals. Lush textures, deep colors, and nods to 1920s architecture define each of the rooms, which start at $350 per night.

Courtesy of The Halcyon

The Halcyon Hotel
Denver, Colorado
This hotel was designed by the architecture firm JNS, and the goal when bringing it to life was "to capture the experience of visiting a wealthy, cosmopolitan friend." The boutique hotel, located in Denver's Cherry Creek neighborhood, has 154 rooms and on-property dining options. The "wealthy friend" vibe can be felt through the black-and-white heavy design features, with touches of very luxe items to round out the feeling. Booking a king-sized room will start at a standard rate of $339.

Courtesy of Ace Hotel Los Angeles

The Ace Hotel
Los Angeles, California
Located in Downtown LA, this hotel features a 1,600-seat theater, mid-century modern touches, and the kind of cool designer vibe all boutique Ace Hotels are known for. Prices start for $170 per night, and rooms feature darker, neutral colors. It's a mixture of modernity and sophistication, with industrial elements like concrete ceilings giving it a very grounded vibe.

Courtesy of the Noelle

Nashville, Tennessee
This independent Nashville hotel is steps away from Printers Alley and is as much of a gathering place for locals as it is for guests. The building was built in 1930s and features restored terrazzo floors, original brass hardware, and Tennessee granite walls. The property has celebrated on-site dining, and offers special packages based on the experience you're seeking in the famed music city. Rooms start at $279 per night.

International Barbie Detox Destinations

A room overlooking a forested landscape at Juvet.
Courtesy of Juvet

Valldal, Norway
With the tagline "Leave the world behind you," it doesn't get more un-pink than this. The whole resort only has 24 rooms, seven of which are described as "small cubes on stilts" and the only color you'll see on the remote property comes from the forest around it. Rooms start at just under $500 for one person. If the stunning location looks familiar to you, that's because it was featured in the film Ex Machina—which, existential crises aside, is pretty diametrically opposite of Barbie. Well, they do both have pretty sweet disco dance numbers. 

Courtesy of Pedras Salgadas

Pedras Salgadas
Vila Pouca de Aguiar, Portugal
This resort is located in a nature park of the same name, and offers treehouse stays that look more like alien spaceships than canopy comfort spots. But the four-star property is certainly not short on comfort, as this location used to be a destination for actual royalty. Bookings at the resort start at $273 per night. 

The brutalist exterior of Hotel Terrestre in Mexico.
Courtesy of Hotel Terrestre

Hotel Terrestre
Puerto Escondido, Mexico
This knockout property in Puerto Escondido is actually 100% completely off the gird. Hotel Terrestre uses solar power, and guests are encouraged to unplug while there. The property has 14 villas, each of which feature furniture custom-designed by renowned Mexican architect and designer Oscar Hagerman. Rooms at this natural retreat start at $334 per night. 

Courtesy of Forestis

Forestis Dolomites
Bressanone, Italy
This resort is steeped in minimalist design, even if the descriptions about the luxurious stay are anything but. Forestis "regards itself as a place of retreat surrounded by nature, where time can once again be sensed and filled with emotional value through physical and mental mindfulness towards oneself." A night at this hotel, which is located in the Plose mountain, less than a kilometer from the Palmschoss trailhead, starts at $739. 

A simple and darkly designed hotel room in Stockholm, Sweden.
Courtesy of At Six

Hotel At Six
Stockholm, Sweden
Located in central Stockholm, this hotel offers brutalist architecture and dark designs across all 343 rooms on property. Hotel At Six's interiors were imagined by Universal Design Studio, and the art on the property was curated by Swedish artist Sune Nordgren. Even with very little color, the entire hotel is plenty stimulating, and will feel like a reprieve from the very un-curated outside world. Rooms start at $177 per night. 

A junior suite at Santo Pure.
Courtesy of Santo Pure

Santo Pure
Santorini, Greece
Even though this exclusive resort is made up of all neutral tones and hard edges, it's not hard to imagine living the soft life here. Santo Pure is nestled in Oia village on the island of Santorini, and has 85 suites and villas for guests to stay in. To spend a night in a "quintessential blend of contemporary lava-black and white soothing tones," rooms start at $333. 

The sitting room at Tierra Patagonia, which features hanging seats and hardwood floors.
Courtesy of Tierra Patagonia

Tierra Patagonia
Torres de Paine, Chile
Located in the unimaginably gorgeous landscape of the Chilean Patagonia, this resort has wood-paneled suites and rooms with views. Neutral tones and soft bedding are made purposely simply, so that the only real pops of color come from the glacial lakes in the waters outside. The resort is all-inclusive, which is necessary considering its isolated location. Rooms start at just over $6,000 for two people for a three-night stay, which is the minimum booking requirement. 

A person running while pulling luggage.
Courtesy of Carl Friedrik

The Anti-Barbie Packing List

While there was a certifiable marketing blitz for Barbiecore travel items—everything from luggage collaborations to travel hair straighteners to drinks to swimwear—the curation for "anti-Barbiecore" items begins and ends at the Barbenheimer outfit inspo posts.

To start, the luggage you pack should be as minimal as possible. There's a plethora of black luggage in the world, so much so that most of it begins to blend together. But the new Carl Friedrik Carry-on Pro in all black stands out for a few reasons. First, it's luxury luggage. If you want to feel like you're put together, the detail-oriented textured exterior, silent spinning wheels, and Italian leather finishes are sure to bring you there before you even step on a plane. The other feature that makes this fit the brutal, timeless vibes we're seeking out is its trunk-like closure. Instead of a zipper, two aluminum latches secure this suitcase shut.

Alternatively, if you're planning on doing a Barbie pink detox the old-fashioned way by going off grid, Yeti's Crossroads 27 Liter backpack is perfect for trips to remote resorts, camping treks, and all sorts of other wild outdoor adventures. For the hardcore travelers, there's also a waterproof backpack that can withstand full submersion. 

For footwear, Crocs are typically the travel footwear I advocate for. But as lovely as they are, they are a bit of a fashion faux pas in many place and they feel like doll shoes at best. So for a more sophisticated take on the slip-on travel shoe, Portuguese brand Oson offers The Sandal. As minimalist as those suites in Antiparos, these reclaimed leather sandals have a sleek design that still prioritize comfort. I'll spare us all from making a Barbie Birkenstock joke here. 

Other essentials include all-black Loops, to drown out any unwanted noise for every step of your journey, from the plane to your quiet brooding time. The noise-cancelling earplugs are designed to last and have different options depending on what kind of noise you plan on experiencing. For skincare, there are plenty of options even if you're not trying to be a total doll. The Grown Alchemist minis kit includes the five basic essentials you'll need to stay clean and hydrated, even for the most basic routines. 

Finally, for your minimalist wardrobe, think neutral tones, deep blacks and grays, and simple silhouettes. Quince's Core Collection has a great offering of staple pieces that fit this vibe exactly, from simple cashmere sweaters to pure suede bomber jackets.

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