Here's How You Can Get a Free Tattoo of Your Pet for National Dog Day

The sweepstakes is officially open.

Courtesy of Bark

Instead of getting a regrettable tattoo of your ex's initial, etch your skin with something—or should I say someone—that could never hurt you, except for maybe with those dagger-like puppy teeth.

To celebrate National Dog Day, online pet retailer Bark is paying for 100 puppy parents to get a tattoo of their sweet Fido. The creators of BarkBox are kicking off the tattoo giveaway on TikTok beginning Monday to coincide with the brand's 10-year anniversary.

Courtesy of Bark

According to Bark, the contest was inspired by the company's own dog-obsessed employees who have long been sporting pet-inspired ink.

To enter the contest for themselves, fans can share a photo of their dog and an explanation for why they're deserving of the freebie tattoo.

Winners across the country will be able to select their tattoo style and artist, and Bark will reimburse them for the ink. The sweepstakes is set to close on September 2 and the lucky 100 selected will be notified by September 6. Even if you don't walk away with a free tat, the first 1,000 entries will get $5 off the Bark Shop. It's a win, win.

Go gush about your pup! You're probably looking for an excuse anyways!

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Megan Schaltegger is a Staff Writer on the News team at Thrillist.