BASE Jumper 'Should Have Died' in Terrifying Wingsuit Crash Video

Published On 10/26/2016 Published On 10/26/2016

Most helmet cam videos of people plummeting through the air in wingsuits are already enough to get your palms sweating, especially when they maneuver super close to jagged cliffs and tree branches at terrifyingly high speeds. And while you've probably seen plenty of videos like this in which jumpers glide to safety, a new video shows what happens when flying a wingsuit goes horribly wrong

BASE jumper Eric Dossantos said he "should have died" in a recent wingsuit accident in Chamonix, France, which left him with numerous major injuries, including multiple lacerations, three broken ribs, a fractured clavicle, and head trauma among others, according to a report by Mashable. As you can see in the video above, the crash occurred when Dossantos collided with a treetop at 90mph, sending him plummeting through the branches to the ground where he remained for three hours before being rescued. He later woke up in a hospital.

"It wasn’t until about the last 5 seconds that I felt the trees below me getting closer than I expected or wanted," he said in an interview with topgunbase. "Everything before that felt flyable to me."

Since the late September accident, Dossantos' friends have launched a GoFundMe campaign in hopes of raising $7,500 to help cover his medical bills, per the report. Money and medical bills aside, the dude is truly lucky to be alive. 

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