Watch This Grown Man Destroy a Little Kid At Basketball

We all have hoop dreams, but it’s usually that your coach helps you achieve them, rather than swatting them away.

Here we have a kids basketball game, in which youths barely old enough to run are dawdling up and down the court. As the game unfolds -- it resembles more of a Cabbage Patch commercial than a coherent sporting event -- a man coaching the kids in black jerseys waves his arms emphatically and hollers instructions to his players. You’d think he’s Rick Pitino in late March.

When one player receives the ball and dribbles in the wrong direction for what he can only assume is an easy lay-in, the coach dashes his hopes with a block that sends the ball flying into next week.

While it might seem cruel, that’s the best way to teach any aspirant baller the fundamentals of the game. Shoot on your own damn basket. Those will always be the rules, even if you stand at 4-foot-nothing.