Baskin-Robbins Is Serving a 'Gold Coin'-Filled Hidden Treasure Flavor for August

It's even got caramel-flavored gold coins.


The end of summer—hate to say it—is around the corner, but Baskin-Robbins isn't ready to say goodbye just yet. The ice cream scoop chain is rolling out a new, sea-themed flavor just in time for the last licks of the season: Hidden Treasure

As the name suggests, the new flavor is full of surprises. Hidden Treasure is made with a Belgian chocolate ice cream base. It has a crunchy chocolate cookie swirl and caramel-flavored gold coins hidden throughout. Baskin-Robbins fans may recognize the flavor of the crunchy cookie swirl from the Oreo 'n Cold Brew ice cream that the dessert eatery previously rolled out.

The flavor is one in a series of new offerings this summer as part of Baskin-Robbins' Creature Creations Into the Sea collection. The collection features another flavor called Beach Day, made with a sea salted vanilla ice cream base, swirled graham cracker "sand," milk chocolate flavored caramel-filled sea turtles, and frosting flecks. Customers can add a Shark, Dolphin or Sea Turtle cookie or sea-inspired sprinkles to each ice cream in the collection. Creature Creations come with a free creature-inspired crown, too.

If you're looking to cool off with an ice cream treat, but dairy doesn't do it for you, Baskin-Robbins is also rolling out a new Non-Dairy Salted Fudge Bar. It features a fudge ribbon, salted dark chocolate oat milk flavor, and fudge pieces throughout. The treat comes on the heels of the ice cream shop's first oat milk-based ice cream flavor, released in May. It's plant-based and fully vegan, so no one has to miss out. You won't get a crown with this one, though.

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