A Bat Got Loose on a Spirit Flight & Scared the Hell Out of Passengers

bat on plane

There are a lot of drawbacks to flying with a budget airline. You pay for every bag you're carrying and every piece of lint in your pocket. You have to leg wrestle other passengers for your seat. However, we don't spend enough time talking about the perks, like incomparable in-flight entertainment. 

For instance, this recent Spirit Airlines flight. After the plane took off at 6am from Charlotte, North Carolina, a bat helped the passengers wake up before they landed in Newark, New Jersey. Yes, a bat was flying freely around the early-morning flight. 

Video of the incident was shared on Twitter by two passengers. The reactions on the plane were all over the place. Some screamed in terror, others can be heard making Batman jokes as the bat flew around the cabin. Also, despite the chaos, one man with an aisle seat was undisturbed, sleeping through the whole incident.

According to the tweets, the bat didn't make its presence known until about 30 minutes into the flight. Eventually, a passenger caught the bat between a cup and a book and managed to lock it in a bathroom for the remainder of the journey. 

One of the tweeting passengers, Peter Scattini, told HuffPost that the whole saga only lasted about five minutes. 

Spirit Airlines told HuffPost the "stowaway bat" was "removed once on the ground by animal control officers." No one was injured during the flight.

"The aircraft was disinfected and searched as a precaution," a representative said. "It is believed the bat started its journey in Charlotte, flying into an overhead bin while our crews were doing overnight maintenance."

It's not known if Spirit offered the same deal to all passengers, but the airline reached out to Scattini via Twitter to offer a $50 voucher. When he voiced his displeasure, the airline refunded the cost of his ticket. 

While some passengers were terrified, we now know bats are just as likely as humans to be tempted by the allure of saving $20 on a flight. They're also just as likely to have a terrible experience. Sure, some passengers were scared, but did they get locked in the bathroom for hours?

h/t HuffPost

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