Baby Iguana's Heart-Pounding Flight From Den of Snakes Is Nature's Super Bowl

Iguana chase planet earth
Screengrab BBC

In these divisive times, the nation needs something to come together about. That thing might be the BBC's Planet Earth II. How can that be known? Because this footage of a baby iguana fleeing a den of snakes is uniting humanity. Because, oh my god, this is the best damn thing ever.

It's unanimous. This chase scene from Planet Earth II is riveting. It's tenser than watching Daniel Craig leap from rooftop to rooftop to yet another rooftop as James Bond. Watch the full chase below. 

How could anything possibly be better than that? How about that chase set to the NFL Primetime music?

The sequel to the seminal 2006 David Attenborough documentary aired its first episode on Sunday with a focus on the planet's islands. It included this outstanding footage, as well as an entrancing video of a swimming sloth looking for a mate. 

While the series is already airing in the U.K., it won't hit U.S. screens on BBC America until January 28, 2017. If it's not coming fast enough for you, get a little taste of it by watching the fantastic trailer for the thing you can't watch.

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