Wienerschnitzel Is Loading Up Fries with BBQ Brisket

It's a whole new kind of loaded fries.

Courtesy of Hamburger Stand

There are nacho fries, cheese fries, bacon fries, and bacon cheese fries, but based on my loose knowledge of loaded fries history, there has never been BBQ Brisket Fries until now. Hamburger Stand and Wienerschnitzel are currently offering this wonderful menu item, which comes topped with BBQ sauce, smoky shredded brisket, melted and gooey cheese sauce, and grilled onions.

“Our new BBQ Brisket Fries are one of the most unique and mouthwatering flavor combinations in town,” said Doug Koegeboehn, chief marketing officer for Wienerschnitzel and Hamburger Stand, in a press release. He says the brands are “bringing a taste of the Ol’ West back in a completely unique new way with their tasty BBQ Brisket Fries. But don’t take my word for it, take a ride down to your nearest Wienerschnitzel and try them yourself.”

The BBQ Brisket fries will be available at participating Weinerschnitzels and Hamburger Stands, but not for long. The promotional menu item will only be available until October 31.

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