Bear Breaks Into Family's Minivan, Locks Itself Inside, Busts Through Window to Get Out

Lately, you may find yourself wondering what the internet is even for: Why spend your time drooling over a screen? Parsing Twitter? Perusing the comments? What are you searching for? Well, weary web-traveler, it's this: A video of a man trying to free a bear from his minivan, then fleeing in terror as the bear simply smashes the window and climbs out.

This incredible video/profound existential statement was shot in North Carolina and uploaded by Nicole Minkin Lissenden, the spouse of the man you see fleeing from the van. If you're wondering what the hell is going on here, a little context is given from the video description. 

Lissenden explains it like this: "A bear opened the door to our unlocked van. I unwittingly closed him in, then went back a while later to retrieve something from the car, I realized a bear was inside. After the automatic doors failed to open, my husband had to unlock it with the key. The bear found another way out. We're alive - our van, not so much!"

So we're all on the same page here: BEARS CAN OPEN CAR DOORS. That is terrifying. But interestingly, they seem to only understand the doors on the outside of the car. On the inside, they prefer the window. 

Now that you've resolved never to go out into nature again, back to the internet

h/t Mashable

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