A Guy Dressed as an Icicle Embarrassed the Hell Out of a Baseball Fan

Baseball Fan Falls in Race
Screengrab SNY
Screengrab SNY

Between-inning entertainment is a staple of baseball games. From the seventh-inning stretch to mascot races, you expect a modicum of goofiness between frames. Enter a strange race happening in Atlanta.

The race features a very fast man who goes by The Freeze. Mr. Freeze doesn't just put opponents on ice, he does it after spotting them a massive head start. That's how one fan wound up getting embarrassed at Friday's game. The unfortunate fan began celebrating as he approached the finish line, pulling up a little bit, unaware that the jig was up.

The game at Atlanta's SunTrust Park is called "Beat The Freeze," and it's hard to see how anyone this side of Usain Bolt could top the anonymous teal icicle.

Everyone in the stadium enjoyed the beatdown The Freeze provided, but it's possible no one enjoyed it more than the announcers Gary Cohen and Ron Darling. "That's where he belongs, right in the dirt," said a cackling Darling. 

The fall makes this extra tough to watch, but The Freeze has beat others by even larger margins. For instance, Saturday's fan who never had a chance despite the 200-foot lead. 

Friday's fallen racer was Alex Arrowood, and he shed a little light on how things happened the following day. Arrowood was told before the race he'd get a big head start and that he'd "definitely win."

"They told me he’s like an Olympic track star, or something like that," Arrowood told Atlanta's NBC affiliate of the man in blue spandex. "It worried me a little bit, but I was like surely there's no way he can catch me from that far in the distance."

Afterward, Arrowood didn't get a chance to find out who The Freeze is, but the next day he was able to start enjoying the absurdity of the game a bit. Despite the competitor not being able to unmask The Freeze, SNY's Steve Gelbs reports The Freeze is former college track star Nigel Talton who is a grounds crew member at the stadium.

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