This Pissed Off Beaver Destroyed Christmas Decorations Inside a Dollar Store

The holiday spirit is an infectious thing, palpable enough to affect scores of mammals throughout America, such as this nefarious Beaver. He just happens to want nothing to do with it.

On Monday, law enforcement officials in St. Mary’s, Maryland were called to a Dollar General store, where they encountered a Beaver completely ransacking an aisle of Christmas decorations. According to multiple reports, the Beaver entered the store, presumably poised to save some cash on holiday home decor. When the animal discovered it had been ogling fake Christmas trees, it went ballistic, like an angry dad on Black Friday.

Photos from the scene reveal the devastation, and a story of Christmas fury:

In what sounds like the storyline from a Tim Allen movie, the beaver was apprehended by Corporal Yingling from the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office. As with any incident involving a hot-tempered rodent, the police released a statement, saying: “The suspect attempted to flee the area but was apprehended by Animal Control.”

This is the first incident related to a rodent consumed with Christmas-rage this year, but then again, it’s only December 1, so we’ll keep an eye out.

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Sam Blum can sympathize with that beaver. Follow him @Blumnesmonster.