This Company Made a Countertop Joint-Rolling Machine

All the countertop device needs is a rolling paper and a pod.

keurig for rolling joints beed
Courtesy of Beed

Keurig changed the game in coffee, for better or worse. Naturally, there have been companies that have tried to replicate the one-touch countertop model Keurig popularized. Keurig-like machines for cocktails are complicated and haven't quite made things as simple as they are for coffee. The same could be said for ones for ice cream, tortillas, brewing, or cookies.

Beed may have found something that works for a Keurig-like machine while keeping things relatively simple. Rolling joints. It's a countertop joint rolling machine that the company claims "rolls a fresh joint as easily as you make a cup of coffee." Once you get the rolling paper and weed-filled pod in the machine, it pops out a joint in just 20 seconds.

The aluminum pods are precisely dosed and loaded with flower that will wind up in your joint. You can take the pod, drop it into the Beed, and it'll spit out a pre-rolled cone joint. That dude from your college dorm who sat in the hall rolling joints with one hand probably doesn't require this, but the machine probably cuts down on labor for most people in Beed's audience.

You can order a Beed machine from the company for $300. That doesn't come with pods, though. Those are available exclusively in California at MedMen, Artist Tree, Grassdoor, Green Qween (LA), and Double Eye (Cathedral City) dispensaries.

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