You Can Get a Part-Time Job Drinking Beer in Your Neighborhood

You've heard of secret shopper programs, where a company secretly sends a shopper into their stores to get feedback on how the store operates from the perspective of a shopper. This gig is like that, but for beer.

Secret Hopper secretly sends ... uh ... hoppers into breweries to get a feel for the experience of having a beer at the taproom. The breweries sign up for the service, so it's not just passing along unwanted criticism like your mom does to you.

The service isn't looking to tell brewers whether or not their beer is good. Most breweries can handle that themselves. "Secret Hopper is not here to critique beer," the site says. "Secret Hopper is here to maximize the experience surrounding it." To do so, they're looking for beer lovers to be secret shoppers.

If the gig sounds appealing to you, the process to apply is simple. All you have to do is provide some information about yourself, and write a bit about a recent experience you've had at a brewery. The company will contact you if you're a fit and there's work in your area.

The details aren't plentiful on pay, but it's not going to pay your bills. However, the company is covering your beer, so it's a pretty sweet way to go out for a couple. They ask that when you hit the assigned bar you grab a flight of beers and then have a pint of something you enjoyed afterward. Even if the pay is just a few free beers, it's a pretty sweet gig.

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