The Keurig of Beer Has Finally Arrived

beer keurig
Courtesy of Drinkworks

There's plenty to be critical of with single-serving pod coffee systems, even if some have made strides toward being more environmentally friendly. Nonetheless, people love their Keurigs because of the convenience. The ability to just pop in a pod and have the exact amount of coffee you want is alluring. It'd be amazing to get that same kind of convenience with beer, right?

Drinkworks, which put out the home cocktail machine Drinkworks Home Bar last year, has announced its first beer pilot program to deliver a Keurig of beer. It has partnered with the Los Angeles-based Golden Road Brewing, a brewery owned by Anheuser Busch InBev, to create pods that allow you to pump out a beer at the push of a button. It's like streaming. It's on-demand, when you want it, even if the exact thing you're looking for isn't on the menu.

Each pod will let you pour a 14-ounce draught with your choice of four different wheat beers in the four-pack. The announcement notes that the recipes were crafted by Golden Road brewmaster Victor Novak using "traditional brewing techniques to develop each recipe." The announcement says, "Subsequently, water is removed through Drinkworks' proprietary distillation process, and Drinkworks Pods are filled with the concentrated brew, resulting in a never-before-seen method of packaging and dispensing draught brews."

It's going to be a slow rollout, and will only be available in Orange County, California initially. You'll be able to buy a four-pack of pods at select stores, including BevMo!, Total Wine, Ralphs, and others. So, it's not going to be cheaper than, uh, normal beer, but you will get a satisfying "wow" out of friends when you pop in a pod and pour them a cold one.

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Dustin Nelson is a Senior Staff Writer at Thrillist. Follow him @dlukenelson.