Here's How High Beer Taxes Are in Every State

beer taxes in every state
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Every state imposes taxes on beer above the usual sales tax. It's a small thing you probably don't think much about. That's just the price of doing business when business is buying a six pack. 

In a report, The Beer Institute says taxes are actually the most expensive part of your beer. It claims taxes, from city to federal, account for 40% of what you're paying for that oversized bottle of Game of Thrones-themed beer. (Or any other beer.) Those are some broad strokes, but there are excise taxes you're paying when you stop by the liquor store for a case of beer. 

The Tax Foundation has taken a deep dive to reveal the amount you're paying in beer-specific taxes in every US state. The amount represented below is per gallon of beer. 

beer taxes in every state
The Tax Foundation

The rates range from just $.02 in Wyoming to a gulp-inducing $1.29 in Tennessee.

The data is especially interesting when compared to a June report comparing the average cost of a case of beer in every state. There isn't as much correlation as you might anticipate. The states with the cheapest cases of beer were Michigan (28th highest tax rate), California (28th), Illinois (26th), North Carolina (8th), Connecticut (26th), South Carolina (7th), Indiana (41st), Virginia (24th), Arizona (35th), and Nebraska (20th).

The states with the most expensive cases of beer were Pennsylvania (45th highest tax rate), Tennessee (1st), Texas (28th), North Dakota (17th), Rhode Island (41st), Nevada (35th), Oklahoma (15th), Alaska (2nd), and Wyoming (50th).

Knowing this probably won't stop you from grabbing a sixer of Two Hearted tonight, but at least you can pat yourself on the back a little, knowing you aren't paying as much as the suckers in those other states.

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