This Icelandic Spa Lets You Soak in Tubs of Hot Beer While Drinking a Cold One

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If you've ever accidentally spilled beer all over yourself, it's hard to imagine why anyone would want to pay to sit in a big bath full of the stuff. Then again, you might just reconsider after scoping out Iceland's brand new Bjorbodin spa, which specializes in a spa treatment that entails soaking in big tubs filled with hot beer, while sipping on cold ones.

Apologies if you just felt a sudden urge to splurge on one of those $200 roundtrip tickets to Reykjavik.

Nestled on the Northern edge of the island nation, roughly five hours from Reykjavik by car, Bjorbodin Spa's signature beer-soaking treatments are allegedly a great way to cleanse the skin, and have a "very positive effect" on one's overall health. They don't just offer a quick dip in cheaper-than-water light beer sludge, but rather a soak in a special "beer bath" that's made from young beer and live beer yeast and heated to 100 degrees. To get the full effect, you're supposed to sit in the bath for about 25 minutes at a time, then follow up your soak by kicking back and chilling for another 25 minutes in a designated "relaxation room" so that your skin can really take in the concoction. After that, you shower off.

The spa boasts nine wooden tubs in total -- seven indoors and two large-occupancy versions outside. And while they advise against drinking the bathwater, each tub does come equipped with a built-in draught tap for you to pour yourself a nice cold beer or two while you're lounging. They've also got an on-site restaurant with a panoramic view of the nearby Hrísey Island, mountains, and Þorvalds valley if all that relaxation leaves you hungry.

Before you commit to the trek there, you'd be wise to reserve a spot ahead of time since it's becoming an increasingly popular item on many visitors' Icelandic itineraries. In terms of pricing, you're looking at about $20 for a dip in one of the communal outdoor tubs, $65 for a private bath inside, or $120 for a couples treatment.

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