An Arizona Man Actually Registered Bees as Emotional Support Animals

Did you know that you can bring your miniature horse on some planes if it's registered as a support animal? Sure, you can't bring goats and hedgehogs on your flights, but the rules around emotional support animals are still fairly loose. Some people argue that the service pet registration itself is a bit too casual for comfort.

And one Arizona man wanted to bring this concerningly casual process to public attention by registering bees as his emotional support... swarm. Prescott Valley resident David Keller told CBS affiliate WTRF-TV that he went to and uploaded a photo of a beehive to stir the community's honeypot. The upload was successful.

“A lot of people thought it was hilarious and a lot of people were getting upset,” he said. But Keller was happy that he was able to "bringing awareness."

Keller felt like too many people were faking their issues and registering animals irresponsibly. His choice to act was sparked by an incident that happened a month ago, when he witnessed a registered dog misbehaving in public. 

“I could very easily tell that it was not a service animal because it was pulling the owner to the parking lot,” Keller said. He thought the process was too easy, so he decided to provoke the masses by showing off his registration. And a lot of people agree with him.

Service dog trainer Jaymie Cardin told WTRF-TV that service animal registration sites are "silly."

"They don’t mean anything, said Cardin. "You can go pay for a registry on one of those websites and basically you’re just paying for a piece of paper and to put a name on a list."

We hope Keller's deeds inspire you to protest by ruining some dog owner's day in a parking lot, or to register your irritable parakeet for next semester's shared college dorm room.


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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.