Watch 'SNL' Magically Transform the Stage During a Live Show

One of the few live shows left on TV, an incredible amount of behind the scenes work goes into making each episode of Saturday Night Live. The set changeovers, make-up, and costuming have to happen at a rapid pace so you can sit on your couch laughing at David Pumpkins until the scene seamlessly transitions into the next sketch.

A new video from SNL takes you behind the scenes to see just how manic these transition truly are. This glimpse behind the curtain shows the recent Donald Trump Christmas sketch cold open (which Trump no doubt loathed) move into Casey Affleck's monologue. However, instead of seeing the opening credits, you see the crew running to move props and take down an entire room built in the exact spot where Affleck is about to come out. 

On the audio track, you can hear producers calling the shots, directing traffic, and offering a nice spot of encouragement to the team that's making all the TV magic happen.

Watch the video above and gain a whole new appreciation for the best SNL sketches of the year and how the sausage is made.

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