Being Lazy May Be a Sign of Intelligence

Lazy People are Smart

If it was hard to muster the energy to read this, then there may be great news for you. New research suggests that people who spend their time lazing about tend to be more intelligent than their busy-body companions. Researchers from Florida Gulf Coast University say the study's results may suggest that high-I.Q. individuals tend to get bored less easily, meaning they spend more time lost in thought. Meanwhile, their counterparts tend to get bored more easily and respond to that boredom with physical activity.

The study was published in the Journal of Health Psychology and, despite a somewhat small sample size, the results have been called "'highly significant' and 'robust' in statistical terms," according to The Independent. Lazy people didn't even have to get off the divan to achieve this moral victory.

Researchers gave student participants a common questionnaire that asks them to rate how strongly they agree with statements like "I really enjoy a task that involves coming up with new solutions to problems." Based on that test, the researchers selected 30 "thinkers" and 30 "non-thinkers," who were fitted with a device they wore for the next seven days to track physical activity. Among the findings was the revelation that the "thinkers" were less physically active than the "non-thinkers."

Lead researcher Todd McElroy warns that despite apparent braininess, there are risks that should be assessed for those individuals since a sedentary life can lead to health problems. The researchers may also need to provide a disclaimer that a contemplative life is not the same as binge-watching Stranger Things all weekend. Eating Cheetos while Netflix autoplays the day away does not mean you are an honorary Mensa member. It just means you're sedentary.

Nonetheless, it's a big win for the Pinkys of every Pinky and the Brain duo.

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