Ben & Jerry's Is Planning to Make CBD-Infused Ice Cream

Whether you believe in the power of CBD or still have no idea what the heck it even is, there's no question that it's become tremendously popular...


Whether you believe in the power of CBD or still have no idea what the heck it is, there's no question that it's become tremendously popular. And even though the FDA still hasn't legalized it nationally for use in foods or beverages, the intrepid team of frozen dairy maestros at Ben & Jerry's are getting ready to launch CBD-infused ice cream the moment the feds give them the green light.

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, has been hyped as a catch-all treatment for everything from anxiety to muscle pain, and is showing up in countless teas, lotions, tinctures, and more around the country. However, while CBD itself is legal under federal law, the legality of CBD-infused foods and beverages remains a bit murky. Ben & Jerry's announced on Thursday that is is very much pro-legalization when it comes to food, and submitted a comment voicing as much for the FDA to consider during a public hearing on CBD scheduled for this week. The reason? The ever-popular frozen treat brand wants to unleash CBD-infused ice cream as soon as legally possible. 

“We’re doing this for our fans,” said Ben & Jerry’s CEO Matthew McCarthy in a statement. “We’ve listened and brought them everything from non-dairy indulgences to on-the-go portions with our Pint Slices. We aspire to love our fans more than they love us and we want to give them what they’re looking for in a fun, Ben & Jerry’s way.”

To be clear, CBD is not THC, the psychoactive ingredient in weed that gets you high. Rather, it's derived from hemp, and doesn't get you high, but may provide relief for things like anxiety, insomnia, and muscle pain, according to various studies. Thrillist reached out to Ben & Jerry's for further details on any CBD-infused products in development, but did not receive a response by the time of publication. 

To ensure B&J CBD-infused ice cream hits freezer shelves ASAP, the company is also encouraging fans to send their own comments to the FDA to make it clear that there's a wave of public support behind the effort. 

Until they get the go ahead, though, you'll just have to nurse your anxiety the old fashioned way: by housing entire pints of Phish Food on the couch. 

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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist. Follow him @jwmcgauley.