Ben & Jerry’s New Limited-Edition Flavor Mixes 2 Childhood Faves

Cookie dough and brownie batter are together at last.

A pint of Ben & Jerry's Totally Unbaked beside a bowl of ice cream and a spoon.
Ben & Jerry's

Kids today don’t realize that, in the years before edible cookie dough flooded the market, it was a forbidden treat. Licking the brownie batter bowl was frowned upon, too, and many '90s kids can probably hear their parental units’ calling out, “you’ll get salmonella” right now. Well on Tuesday, Ben & Jerry’s announced that its latest limited-edition flavor, Totally Unbaked, mixes both previously prohibited treats. 

Totally Unbaked takes chocolate and vanilla ice cream and swirls in chocolate chip cookie dough and brownie batter, according to a press release. 

"It's a very simple but indulgent flavor," flavor creator Natalia Butler said in the announcement. 

This latest mashup is one of Ben & Jerry’s limited batches, which change a few times a year. It joins other recent additions to the ice cream maker’s lineup like Topped pints. Totally Unbaked is available in stores now for around $5. 

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