These Are the Best and Worst Cities to Work From Home in

It's all about location.


With the rise of remote work, more and more people feel free to move to cities they previously thought were off-limits. While working from home can technically be done from anywhere, some places are better than others for getting your job done. 

So, Amerisleep, a company specializing in sleep, which we need a good amount of to work properly, set out to figure out where those places are by looking at the most populated cities in all 50 states. Each state was ranked based on two categories, work environment and home-living environment. Several factors, including COVID-19 cases, commute time, utility costs, and internet speed were factored into each category.

"For almost two years now, COVID-19 has changed the landscape for remote working," April Mayer, a representative from Amerisleep, said in a statement. "Companies and employers have needed to adapt to the changing circumstances to expand their remote work options for their employees. The study provides an insight into which states offer the best options for working from home."

The study found that New York is the best state for remote work, noting its long commute times and high internet speeds. South Dakota was ranked the worst city for work from home. The state scored a 28.75 for work environment and 27.22 for living environment.

Here are the top 10 best states for remote work:

1. New York
2. Colorado
3. Illinois
4. Washington
5. Maryland
6. Massachusetts
7. Minnesota
8. Pennsylvania
9. California
10. Georgia

Colorado came in at No. 2 thanks, mostly to its low monthly utility bills. On average, folks in the Rocky Mountain State pay about $127.91 a month in utilities and $62.76 for internet. Not far behind Colorado was Illinois, bolstered by its higher-than-average broadband speeds and low internet prices. 

These are the top 10 worst cities for remote work:

1. South Dakota
2. Mississippi
3. Nebraska
4. Iowa
5. Arkansas
6. New Mexico
7. Kansas
8. Vermont
9. Missouri
10. Louisiana

Thanks to its slow internet speeds, South Dakota took the top spot as the worst city for remote work. Although it has cheap transportation costs and short commute times, the positives weren't enough to push it into the other half of the rankings. 

Mississippi was the second-worst state to work remotely in because of its high utility costs and slow internet speeds. Nebraska came in just behind Mississippi thanks to its slow broadband speeds. In fact, Nebraska is among the country's 10 worst broadband speeds in the country.

The point of work from home is that it can be done from anywhere, so don't fear if you're living in one of the states ranked the worst for work from home. Just know that you might have to work a little harder and deal with a little more inconvenience than the rest of us. If you can't take it anymore, moving is always an option. You may not even have to change jobs!

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