Wyoming Was Just Named the Nation's Best State for Camping

The experts at Adventures on the Rock assessed all 50 states in arriving at its ranking.

Camping season is fully upon us, and you'd better get your tents, maps, and hiking tools ready. Before embarking on your trip, though, you might want to pick your destination, or at least a preferred area or state.

With hundreds of national and state park sites, the US flaunts seemingly endless camping destination options, and it can be hard to pick one—especially if this is your first camping trip. Luckily for you, someone looked at the data and already did the homework for all of us. The adventure vehicle experts over at Adventures on the Rock took it upon themselves to come up with an overall Camping Index Score out of 100 for all 50 states, and then proceeded to rank them.

The team took into consideration 10 different factors that can positively or negatively impact the quality of a camping trip. Among those were the number of national parks and landmarks relative to state area, the number of hiking trails, and RV parks and campsites relative to state population. Additionally, the team also looked at financial matters, including average fuel prices, and nature-related statistics, including yearly average rainfall and diversity of plant and animal species. To get a full picture, they also took into account more macabre data, such as deaths per 10 million national park visits as well as deaths caused by dangerous animal or plant exposure.

Scoring the highest of them all (72.12/100), Wyoming ended up on top of the list, and was crowned the best state for camping trips in the US. The mountain state (which we've ranked among the nation's 10 most beautiful states) flaunts the highest number of RV parks, and campers can opt both for paid and free campsites. According to the research findings, Wyoming offers 26 RV parks, 118 regular campsites, and 45 free campsites per 100,000 residents. If you're a hiking enthusiast, Wyoming will be able to please you too, and with its third highest number of hiking trails of any state (350 per 100,000 residents), you'll surely be able to find the right path for you and your hiking buddies.

"Wyoming stands out as a top spot for campers, due to its abundance of RV parks, free and paid campsites, and range of hiking trails. As spring continues to bloom, campers may want to consider a trip to The Cowboy State if they are looking for their next adventure," a spokesperson for Adventures on the Rock commented in a statement provided to Thrillist.

Second place went to the Wyoming-neighboring state of Montana. According to the data, Montana Is the champion when it comes to hiking, and it flaunts the highest number of hiking trails (418) per 100,000 residents. Finding good camping options is also fairly simple in the state which has the second highest number of both free (32) and paid campsites (90) per 100,000 residents.

Third on the list is New Mexico, with a slightly lower score of 65.94/100. The study found the state to have the third highest number of free campsites (18), the seventh highest number of campsites (40), and the 15th highest number of hiking trails (103) per 100,000 residents. But that's not the highlight of the area. Reportedly, New Mexico is a big deal when it comes to flora and fauna, and outdoors enthusiasts can marvel at 4,583 different species of plants and animals, making it the fourth-most biodiverse state in the US.

Take a look at the top 10 best states for camping in the US below:

1. Wyoming (72.12/100)
2. Montana (69.29/100)
3. New Mexico (65.94/100)
4. Idaho (63.62/100)
5. Vermont (61.23/100)
6. South Dakota (61.12/100)
7. Utah (60.15/100)
8. New Hampshire (59.93/100)
9. Colorado (59.86/100)
10. North Dakota (58.81/100)

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