These Are the Best Cities for Finding a Job in 2020

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I didn't choose to live in New York because of the smelly street trash, absurd rent prices, and pint-sized closets. And while I've learned to love this disgusting, overpriced city for all its magic (yes, it's got that too), I came here for the career opportunities. 

If you're unemployed or looking to jump ship in the new year, you might wanna consider my personal move strategy. I'm not saying you should pack up and head east (we're low on space as it is, OK?), but you should center your search on location. According to a new report from personal finance site WalletHub, Scottsdale, Arizona; South Burlington, Virginia; and San Francisco, California are among the most promising destinations for jobs in 2020.

Source: WalletHub

Here are the top 25: 

1. Scottsdale, Arizona 
2. South Burlington, Vermont
3. San Francisco, California 
4. Austin, Texas 
5. Fremont, California 
6. Chandler, Arizona
7. Boston, Massachusetts
8. Tempe, Arizona
9. Portland, Maine 
10. Boise, Idaho 
11. Overland Park, Kansas
12. Plano, Texas 
13. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
14. Pearl City, Hawaii
15. San Jose, California
16. Charleston, South Carolina 
17. Cedar Rapids, Iowa
18. Orlando, Florida
19. Nashua, New Hampshire 
20. Gilbert, Arizona 
21. Seattle, Washington 
22. Huntington Beach, California 
23. Columbia, Maryland
24. Reno, Nevada 
25. Salt Lake City, Utah  

In order to determine such a comprehensive list (you can check out all 182 cities included here), WalletHub analyzed a number of factors like starting salary, career growth potential, job security, annual income, housing affordability, and more. Which means these are just the most promising cities to score employment, they're the best spots to live and build an entire career. 

So, uh... should I move? 

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 Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist. Follow her @MegSchaltegger.