These Are the 25 Best Cities in America to Find a Job This Year

Pittsburgh, PA | shutterstock
Pittsburgh, PA | shutterstock

Congratulations, you're an adult now! You can drink booze, stay out as late as you want, and you get your pick between the kids' and adults' table at Thanksgiving. It's all gravy, but there's one problem (one can of cranberry sauce, if we're sticking with the Thanksgiving metaphor): Now that you're an adult, you have to get a job. And even worse than that, first you have to find a job.

This is going to be a source of annoyance for a long time, so you might as well make it a little easier and look in the right place -- like one of these 25 cities. These promising locations come from Glassdoor, which just released its 2018 report on the best cities to find a job in America.

To put this study together, Glassdoor compared the 50 most populated metro areas in the United States and graded them on a five-point scale with three factors: hiring opportunity, cost of living, and job satisfaction. Cost of living is defined here as "the ratio of median base salary to median home value" and hiring opportunity is "the ratio of active job openings to population." Beyond those broader metrics, Glassdoor also included handy statistics like the number of job openings listed, the types of jobs that are available, plus the median base salary. 

You might be surprised to see that marquee cities like New York and Los Angeles don't make the list, but consider this your opportunity to become acquainted with, you know, the rest of the the country. These other cities have a lot to offer. For instance, Boston is the top city for hiring opportunity. Memphis, on the other hand, is the most affordable. And while San Francisco might be the first tech hub that comes to mind, Seattle is also a serious tech hub. 

Here's the complete list. We believe in you.

25. Charlotte, North Carolina

Job Openings: 55,030
Median Base Salary: $48,000
Hot Jobs: Data Scientist, Business Analyst, Project Manager

24. Richmond, Virginia

Job Openings: 34,802
Median Base Salary: $47,000
Hot Jobs: Financial Analyst, Clinical Nurse, Management Consultant

23. Seattle, Washington

Job Openings: 137,990
Median Base Salary: $64,000
Hot Jobs: Software Development Engineer, Product Manager, Barista

22. San Francisco, California

Job Openings: 193,262
Median Base Salary: $80,000
Hot Jobs: Software Engineer, Marketing Manager, Account Executive

21. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

Job Openings: 102,664
Median Base Salary: $53,000
Hot Jobs: Manufacturing Engineer, Licensed Practical Nurse, Cashier

20. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Job Openings: 27,186
Median Base Salary: $38,000
Hot Jobs: Sales Consultant, Test Engineer, Medical Assistant

19. Atlanta, Georgia

Job Openings: 145,356
Median Base Salary: $50,000​​​​​​​
Hot Jobs: Business Analyst, Big Data Engineer, Restaurant Manager​​​​​​​

18. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Job Openings: 173,717​​​​​​​
Median Base Salary: $50,000​​​​​​​
Hot Jobs: Physical Therapist, Public Relations Manager, Store Manager​​​​​​​

17. Baltimore, Maryland

Job Openings: 93,092​​​​​​​
Median Base Salary: $50,000​​​​​​​
Hot Jobs: Product Manager, Software Developer, Police Officer​​​​​​​

16. Louisville, Kentucky

Job Openings: 29,495​​​​​​​
Median Base Salary: $42,000​​​​​​​
Hot Jobs: Business Development Manager, Marketing Manager, Certified Nursing Assistant​​​​​​​

15. Columbus, Ohio

Job Openings: 54,711​​​​​​​
Median Base Salary: $47,500​​​​​​​
Hot Jobs: Database Administrator, Insurance Agent, Shift Manager​​​​​​​

14. Chicago, Illinois

Job Openings: 271,947​​​​​​​
Median Base Salary: $54,000​​​​​​​
Hot Jobs: Software Engineer, Speech Language Pathologist, Cook​​​​​​​

13. Birmingham, Alabama

Job Openings: 24,864
Median Base Salary: $42,000​​​​​​​
Hot Jobs: Registered Nurse, Operations Manager, Truck Driver​​​​​​​

12. Washington, DC

Job Openings: 239,832​​​​​​​
Median Base Salary: $64,000​​​​​​​
Hot Jobs: Risk Consultant, Data Analyst, Systems Administrator​​​​​​​

11. Kansas City, Missouri

Job Openings: 57,362​​​​​​​
Median Base Salary: $48,000​​​​​​​
Hot Jobs: Mobile Developer, Office Manager, Licensed Practical Nurse​​​​​​​

10. Detroit, Michigan

Job Openings: 88,993
Median Base Salary: $50,000
Hot Jobs: Manufacturing Engineer, Data Scientist, Auto Technician

9. Cleveland, Ohio

Job Openings: 44,385
Median Base Salary: $46,000
Hot Jobs: Java Engineer, Consultant, Store Manager

8. Raleigh, North Carolina

Job Openings: 49,003
Median Base Salary: $50,000
Hot Jobs: Registered Nurse, Research Associate, Business Analyst

7. Memphis, Tennessee

Job Openings: 26,022
Median Base Salary: $43,900
Hot Jobs: Product Manager, Account Executive, Restaurant Manager

6. Boston, Massachusetts

Job Openings: 211,602
Median Base Salary: $62,000
Hot Jobs: Software Engineer, Project Manager, Administrative Assistant

5. Hartford, Connecticut

Job Openings: 40,978
Median Base Salary: $55,000
Hot Jobs: Electrical Engineer, Teacher, Maintenance Technician

4. Cincinnati, Ohio

Job Openings: 61,320
Median Base Salary: $45,000
Hot Jobs: Account Executive, Software Engineer, Sales Associate

3. Indianapolis, Indiana

Job Openings: 55,344
Median Base Salary: $45,000
Hot Jobs: Mechanical Engineer, Marketing Manager, Truck Driver

2. St. Louis, Missouri

Job Openings: 75,061
Median Base Salary: $48,000
Hot Jobs: Cloud Engineer, Business Analyst, Insurance Agent

1. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Job Openings: 91,849
Median Base Salary: $46,500
Hot Jobs: Financial Advisor, Registered Nurse, Warehouse Associate

And if you care more about making money a bunch of money than where you live, check out this list of companies with jobs that pay over $100,000 a year. We won't judge. 

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