These Are the Colleges Most Likely To Land You a Job

Dartmouth College | Shutterstock/Dan Lewis
Dartmouth College | Shutterstock/Dan Lewis

Where you go to college sets in motion a whole series of decisions that shape your adult life, from the lifelong friendships you'll forge, to the city you end up settling in, and potentially, even the type of alcohol you'll never dare drink again. It also indirectly determines the sort of job you'll end up with after you graduate.

However, no matter how much you apply yourself in school or what career path you set up for yourself, the name of the college you go to can weigh heavily on the chances of getting a gig right out of school. Now, thanks to a new survey of top-notch hiring managers, we now know which universities around the world turn out the most hirable graduates. Spoiler: neither Harvard nor Yale are number one.

The 2017 Global University Employability Ranking, conducted by HR consultants at Emerging, was measured based on feedback from recruiters from 22 different countries at some of the world's top companies, who submitted the names of colleges they felt are best at preparing students for the workplace. The list, which includes 150 schools in 33 different countries, represents a wide variety of institutions, some of which you might not expect to see on there. Unsurprisingly, the United States boasts the most schools on the list, though many higher ed institutions in Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, and China made the cut, too.

To see if your alma mater earned a spot, here's how the list of the top 50 shakes out:

50. University of Melbourne, Australia
49. University College of London, UK
48. University of Sydney, Australia
47. Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany
46. London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
45. University of British Columbia, Canada
44. University of Montreal, Canada
43. New York University, USA
42. Brown University, USA
41. CentraleSupélec, France
40. University of California Los Angeles, USA
39. Brigham Young University, USA
38. Fudan University, China
37. Duke University, USA
36. Mines ParisTech, France
35. École Polytechique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
34. University of Manchester, UK
33. Dartmouth College, USA
32. École Normale Supérieure, France
31. LMU Munich, Germany
30. Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
29. Indian Institute of Science, India
28. Johns Hopkins University, USA
27. EMLYON, France
26. ETH Zurich -- Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland
25. King's College London, UK
24. IE University, Spain
23. HEC Paris, France
22. École Polytechnique, France
21. Australian National University, Australia
20. University of California Berkeley, USA
19. Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
18. McGill University, Canada
17. Imperial College London, UK
16. National University of Singapore, Singapore
15. University of Oxford, UK
14. Peking University, China
13. University of Toronto, Canada
12. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
11. Princeton University, USA
10. Yale University, USA
9. University of Tokyo, Japan
8. Technical University of Munich, Germany
7. Stanford University, USA
6. Boston University, USA
5. University of Cambridge, UK
4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
3. Columbia University, USA
2. Harvard University, USA
1. California Institute of Technology, USA

If you're curious what other schools are on the list, you can scope out the full ranking of all 150 right here.

h/t Quartz

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