These Are the 100 Companies With the Best Company Culture According to Employees

You ought to enjoy going into work, a little.

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There's a lot of details that have to come together before you'd say that you have an outstanding job. Of course, you want to be paid well, but you're also looking for a solid work-life balance and a positive company culture, among many other details. That work-life balance can be tricky. Jobs that pay well sometimes ask for wild hours and company culture may come at the expense of having any semblance of a personal life. 

The balance of what you need out of a job is up to you. Comparably, a workplace monitoring site, is trying to single out the companies that are doing a good job in each of those areas. It has released a new survey that attempts to showcase the best company cultures you might find when applying for jobs. 

The list of the 50 best large companies (more than 500 employees) and the 50 best small to mid-size companies (500 employees or fewer) is built from anonymous employee feedback collected at Comparably over the last 12 months. The rankings are built off questions about compensation, leadership, teams, work environment, professional development, work-life balance, benefits, perks, and more.

The list looks a lot like last year's, particularly among the large companies where you still see Google, HubSpot, Zoom, Microsoft, and Qualtrics inside the top ten. It's important to keep in mind that the list is just a reflection of employee responses, according to Comparably, and has nothing to do with other factors like a company's politics, willingness to pay taxes, or any other factors that might sour you on one of these companies as a potential employer.

Here are the top 25 companies in each category.

Best Company Culture (large companies)

1. Google
2. Adobe
3. HubSpot
4. Zoom Video Communications
5. RingCentral
6. Microsoft
7. Credit Karma
8. Qualtrics
9. Boston Consulting Group
10. Farmers Insurance
11. Insight Global
12. ZipRecruiter
13. Bell
14. ADP
15. ZoomInfo
16. Facebook
17. Apple
18. Trimble
19. TaskUs
20. nCino
21. LexisNexis Legal & Professional
22. Chegg
23. Smartsheet
24. SBA Communications
25. CVS Health

Best Company Culture (small and mid-size companies)

1. Eargo
2. Pendo
3. EQRx
4. GoodRx
5. Alida
6. GoSite
7. TaxJar
8. Snyk
10. SalesLoft
11. Lattice
12. Contentstack
13. inDinero
14. Vena Solutions
15. Phaidon International 
16. Drift
17. Greenhouse Software
18. Salsify
19. Taulia
20. Namely
21. Upgrade
22. Branch Metrics
23. APS Payroll
24. Hollister Staffing
25. HopSkipDrive

Both lists go out to 50 companies. You can find the complete lists at Comparably.

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